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Replacement Car Keys

The human memory is extremely fickle. This is the precise reason why every device we use comes with a reminder system. Wall clocks have chimes/music and sometimes cuckoos; our bedroom clocks and phone clocks have alarms, software like the office suite, and the email suite we use have inbuilt calendars. All these are built with one purpose - to refresh our memory.

However, there is one important piece of hardware that does not have reminder system. This piece of the hardware is the humble key. Over the years, locks and subsequently keys have evolved. Many building have keyless entries. However, for the one thing that is most precious to us, we still use a key. The car key of today does not resemble anything from the 1990’s or the early 2000. Today with your car key, you can open and close the door without being near the door; you can open and close your windows etc. The technology included a car key today is huge.

While it is a technological marvel, due to the lack of a reminder system, the car key is the most misplaced/lost item today. In our rush to meetings and functions, we never pay attention to where we keep the car key.

Here are a few tips from Auto Locksmith Oxford that are crucial in order to remember when replacing your lost car keys with new car keys in Oxford:

  • Always note down the VIN number - This number is what separates your car model from all the other cars. This number will be located on the chassis of the car. If you cannot seem to locate it, you can always find it on the internet. in addition always know the make and year of manufacture for your car - This is a very crucial aspect, as the details will vary from year to year for the same car model.
  • Read your owner’s manual – This is one manual which most of us never read. However, it can give you crucial information like the model number, year of manufacture, items covered under warranty etc.
  • Go online to find cheap replacements - Most owners always contact the manufacturers to make a replacement car key in Oxford. This ensures that they get an exact replica of their car key easily and without any issues. However, there are a number of websites available offering excellent deals on replacement car keys in Oxford. When selecting an online service, you should always research the key maker in order to select a reputed and reliable service.
  • Make two copies - Always remember when you are replacing your lost car keys with new car keys in Oxford, make two copies, as this will save you a whole lot of time and cost if you lose the car key again.

Remember the most cost effective solution is to have a spare car key so that you do not have to worry about losing your car key. However, if you are using your spare key as your main car key, make a copy of the spare without fail.


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