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Key Programming

Today technology is a part of every single item we use. The cars we drive are no different. Today’s cars are manufactured in a high tech factory that ensures zero defects in the production of the car. However, the car is still controlled by technology once it leaves the factory.

Today the users have total control over our cars than compared to previous car owners.  Technology such as power windows and electrical power distribution units are part of every car manufactured today. In order to ensure that the user can control his/her car even from a distance, manufacturers have started providing us hi-tech car keys.

With these keys, we can control the doors, windows and in some cases even the engine of the car. All this is made possible because of a technology called the transponder.

This device houses both a sender and a receiver. In order to communicate with the car, when you press a button to open the door, the transponder programming in Oxford sends a radio signal to the car. The car’s computer the converts the signal and verifies the source of the signal. All this is done in milliseconds. Once the signal is received and verified the computer, then opens the door the car.

In order to ensure that the car key works smoothly, manufacturers always create a unique signal between each car and the transponder. While programming the car in the factory, the car’s computer is fed in with the unique co-ordinates of the transponder. Once this is done, the programmer checks the actual program. This is done by carrying out various functions through the transponder. All these functions are stored on the on board computer.

Sometimes due to the daily wear and tear that the car goes through, owners face an issue of the car not accepting the transponder’s signal. This can be tackled in the ways mentioned below.

  • Consulting the owner’s manual - Every car comes with an owner’s manual. If the car key has to be re-programmed, refer to the instructions in the manual. The manual will show you stepwise how to put the car into a programming mode. Once it is in this mode, follow the various steps to reprogram your car key.
  • Consulting an online service - If you are unable to reprogram the car on your own, you can find instructions online as per your car model number and VIN number.
  • Taking it to the manufacturer - The most common way to reprogram a car key is to contact the manufacturer. The code of every car’s program is always saved with the manufacturer. However, this will include garage costs and will take time.
  • Use online locksmith services – Auto Locksmith Oxford can reprogram a car. Search for a locksmith service who is experienced in dealing with your car model. These services save you both money and time. Always find services that do not include keeping the car in a garage.


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