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Broken Car Keys

Car keys are made of very tough metals. They are made to last for at least 10 to 20 years. However, the one thing you may have noticed is that they rank as the most common items that break.

This is a product, which goes through rigorous stress and heat during the manufacturing process. However, what you fail to notice is that today’s keys are a technology among themselves. A car key today can open and close the windows; it can open and close the doors without us being near the car or in the car. In order for this technology to be incorporated in each car key, the tough metal key is housed in a plastic housing. The plastic used is also of very high quality. However, the area where the plastic ends and the metal key begin is a very vulnerable area.

On a daily basis, you will see so many car owners twisting the keys in order for it to fit in the lock or to remove it from the lock. Sometimes, they force so much to open the lock that the key results in broken car keys. This twisting action causes corrosions on the metal and the joint that connects it to the plastic housing. Constant repetition of this action and the effect of the rain and cold and it will severely compromise the metal key. Hence, sooner than later, the metal key will break from its plastic housing. Auto Locksmith Oxford is here to help you with the problem of broken car keys.

However, this being the age of the internet, there are always self-help sites advising you how to fix a snapped car key in Oxford.  The videos and slides show an individual how to how to fix the key. However, one point people assume is that auto locksmiths have all the tools to fix my snapped car key.

While these sites and individuals mean well and they are trying to help us fix the key, most of us do not have the tools or patience to try to fix our car key. Therefore, the next option is to find a locksmith or a service that can fix up the key. However, the main question is how we select the right service.

Below are few points provided by Auto Locksmith Oxford

Locksmith services - There are many locksmith services in London. However, please narrow your search to include only those who specialize in repairing car keys.

Online reviews - Online reviews are a great tool. You will able to find reviews from actual users who had used that particular locksmith service. You should also search for negative reviews. This will help narrow down the field to only the most trusted services.

Pricing - This was a very important factor. If you approach the manufacturer, the price of a new key will be very high. Hence, locate repair services that would repair the key at a price lesser than a new key.

Delivery - When selecting a repair service, always select services that have a short turnaround time.

Next time you break your car key, do not despair. Car Locksmith Oxford can repair it for you in a short period of time and we are extremely affordable.


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