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Auto Locksmith Oxford is a family-owned business. The company was setup in order to provide residents of London quick and efficient locksmiths. Auto Locksmith Oxford understood that they would have to focus on four aspects to ensure a successful business–

  • Employees and Equipment - All employees undergo rigorous background verification. In order to ensure the safety of the vehicle and its owner, individuals with a criminal background are not employed. The company also ensures that all response vehicles are fully equipped to deal with any emergency. In addition there is our training and brieifing - The phone lines are manned by experienced locksmiths. These individuals play a key role, as they have to first understand the issue of the customer and then brief the locksmith who will be directed to the Oxford of the car. This ensures that the customer does not have to repeat their issue and the locksmith comes prepared to ensure a speedy resolution.

  • Quick response time is vital in a busy and vibrant city like Oxford, Car Locksmith Oxford understands that they have to reach the customer in an extremely short time. The average response time for emergency Auto Locksmith is thirty minutes.

  • Availability - Car Locksmith Oxford understand that distress calls could come at any time and on any day. Hence, we work 365 days of the year and round the clock i.e. 24/7. This helps us respond to any distress call.

The next step works on the actual process

  • The first step in the process is setting up a help line number for customers to call in. This allows customers to call in and speak to experienced locksmiths who analyzes the situation and provides a quotation to the customer. However, we have made it a policy that to give quotations with the rider that the customer is under no obligation to take our service after getting quotation.

  • The next step is fixing up the time of the actual visit. The time slot is decided in mutual consent with the customer. In addition, the technician calls the customer beforehand to reconfirm the time so that the car owner is available. The final step involves the service requested by the car owner. All services are done on spot. This saves the car owner time and garage charges.

The lists of services offered by us are as below –

  • Lost keys - When a customer loses his/her car key, the technician first checks if the key is visible inside the car. Then the technician examines the lock to determine the type of key needed for that car model and lock.

  • Broken keys - In case of a broken car key, the technician examines the actual key. The technician also examines the various aspects of the car connected with the key.

  • Replacement Keys - In case of lost and broken keys, the technician has to make a replacement key. The response vehicle is equipped with all the tools required by the technician. In order to create a replacement key, the technician has to enter the car. This is done in a manner that does not damage the car in any way. Once the technician is able to access the interiors, he is able to make a key as per the model of the car.

  • Programming Keys - This is a crucial aspect. Most cars have a technology that prevents any unauthorized individual from programming the transponder in the key. This is done to prevent theft of the car. The locksmiths employed are provided with the tools to study the actual programming of the car and then mimic the programming in the replacement key. This saves the owner a huge amount of time and money as such programming is only done at the manufacturer’s garage.

  • Ignition Repair - The locksmiths used are experienced enough to analyze the reason for the ignition barrel not working. They have the tools to remove the barrel and repair the same on the spot. However not every repair needs the removal of the barrel. The locksmiths can also repair the ignition without even removing it from the car.

  • Lock Repair - Sometimes owners get locked out of their cars due to a problem with the actual lock or a malfunction in the anti theft technology. The locksmiths can analyze the problem on the spot and have it repaired .They are equipped to handle both major and minor repairs.

As you can see, Auto Locksmith on-spot repairs. These on-spot repairs ensure that there is no need to take the car to a garage or to the manufacturer. So the next time you are facing problems related to your keys or locks, call Auto Locksmith us up and we will be there to help you.


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